Monday, 12 August 2013


Purple Hexagon Blanket

I have changed a few things in my blog. I have been trying to create another blog to start showing you all my other passions in life other than food. CRAFTS. I have got my girlfriend to join me on this page now and we will be showing you all our Ta-Dars. You know when you finish something that's pleases you and you want to share it with the world. We hold it up and say tadar look at what I have made. The new blog is not working and since I got this started I changed this to include the crafts . I will start with showing you all, a blanket that I made with the help from another blogger. . She has inspired me to do this blanket.

My friend down the road showed me hers so I have included her blanket just to show the different the colours make.

I made this for a lady at work. This blanket took me 2 weeks solid. It started when I was sick and had to have time off work. I know when you are sick you need to stay in bed. But if anyone know me, staying in bed is hard to do1!!!!!!!! My Mum would have killed me if she knew. I was not playing hooky however there was a lot of hooking going on.
made with 100% Acrylic 8 balls of purple and 2 balls of white 100g  8ply or double knit.
This was made by Christine Quinn Same pattern just different colours
This was made for her granddaughter 10/08/2013

This is to show how different a blanket can look when you change your colours. This looks absolutely beautiful in real life than in this photo.

Friends that help you are great and thanks to Christine showing me the joy of crochet. I am now doing something my Nana Mag's loved to do and I am the only one of her grand children to take after her. Only wish now that she could have seen what I can do.

Problem I have now is there is so much I want to make . I am so hooked on this. So watch this space .

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