Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My new craft room

Well it was all very exciting last week. When On Thursday I got home from work to find that my 18 year son made the decision to move out. I love my son to bits but I didn't like his room been in a mess and the boy smells that were coming out of his room and contaminating the rest of the house . He move out and we have made a rule that he is to come home on the Sundays to catch up and get a good feed. I might even have some baking for him too. So you can image what I did that weekend. 

Yes well you can tell with these photo's. I turn my ll year old daughters room into my craft room and moved her into my Son room ,which she was OK with. I wanted her room mainly because it was the only room in the house that was not carpeted and this would make it easy to vacuum up the little bits of cotton .  

This room is all i have wanted for months now. Hubby would get a little upset because I had my craft stuff all over the place, mind due though we do have a sleep out (guest house )and a two car garage but oh no, i was not allowed to have anything crafty in any of these room . He kept saying wait till one of the kids moves out . Well the day has come and no one was stopping me. 

So here are some pictures of my pink craft room. I didn't choose this colour as this was already this colour when my daughter was in it . So I shot up the road to my favorite shop (Spotlight) and found just the right fabric . Please to say my hubby built me a cutting table and Sew and work bench the cutting table  has wheels on it so when there's more than one of us I can move it to the  end of the room. Also I got the computer in so now I can search pattern and not have to use my small screen   phone . Also the printer is right next to it and now it just hit the print button and it all at my finger tips. 

I have just been given a Factory machine sewing machine from one of my work mates and will need to go and pick that up shortly. So i will use my small basic Janome one in the mean time and for small thing.. 

When I was putting all my thing away in there right places . I got my over locker out . I have been meaning for months to go get this service as the tension was way off and I couldn't get it back to the right look. But my dear mum came around and she has  the same one  as mine. She place the dials into the place she remember that her ones are at, and guess what . Yay it working. So I didn't need to take it to get service. 

By the end of the weekend I had a finsihed and completed work room and its all mine. So now it time to have some action and will start my sewing back up . As it was the left over fabric I have made into PJ pants they look good. 

So this is where we sit. My new friend likes it in here too keeping me company while i complete my creations. 

I hate waste so the left over fabric I made my daughters some PJ pants. 

Just to add some more colour i have place two little African violets. Which seem to be doing well at this stage and I haven't kill them. I am not good at keeping plants alive. It because I forget to water them. I am too busy on other things to think of doing this. So if they are right in front of me when I do stuff I wont forget. Just like the ones in the kitchen as that the 2nd room in the house I spend my time. Creating fab food which I am sure my son will miss.But who to say while we are all at work that he doesn't come home and raid my fridge. 

Now alot of people have told me these day the kids keep coming back. Well yes they do come back and they are welcome to come back but for any of them i have a sleep out and at this moment daughter has return home from Perth and i don't think it will be long for her to be leaving. 

So Welcome to my craft room and hope to you can visit me . Happy crafting and enjoy your xmas . 

I am now panicking cause I do this every year and leave things to the last moment. Why is it that December is on fast forward and before you realize 24 is here and you haven't done any shopping.