Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beautiful and bright cushion

Bright and beautiful colours. This just brighten's up your day. This is my first blog for 2014 and just to start off with a bang of brightness. I ordered a few months ago some wool from England and received a bag of bright colours. Went to visit my good friend and she was doing  some cushion covers to put in her kids play room. She quickly showed me the pattern and off I went ,a few days later ta dar finished pillow cover and wow it has brightened up my grape couch . So next on the a gender is a bright coloured Granny square cushion cover. 

This pattern was so easy I didnt even need to write it down. 

you start it with a magic ring of 8 sc  slip sitch to join. Next round sc twice in each to make 16sc slip sitch to join. Next round sc twice in each to make 32 sc then slip sitch and end . This makes your circle. 

Join with the main color your choice  . ch 2 in same space dc, ch 2,dc, half dc, next space half dc, next space sc in the next 4 space , (half dc in next space, half dc , dc , ch 2 dc, half dc  in next space,) make your corner. follow this all around ending with a half dc then slip sitch 2 time ending in the ch 2 space. 

Next round ch 2 this make your first dc, dc, ch 2 dc, dc, (corner) . dc in each to make nine dc  this should meet you up into the next corner and repeat to end. slip sitch to end and cut off. 

This should make your poke a dot square. 

now this is in my memory banks so if it doesn't work let me know.