Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mr & Mrs Bunny


I really enjoy working on these bunnies. They were easy to do and all done in SC and in rounds. The fun part was making them up once all the pieces were finished. 

At first when I started making them I didn't think they were right . The head looked too big with the body, the legs didn't look right as I thought they were too long and their arms too short. But once I started stitching them all together they started to look right. 

I love making toys and these are one my favorites . I did the scarves just in sc but with the girl one I added tassels .
 You can  choose any sort of fabric's which you add in the ears , hands and feet  and you can use your imagination . Bow ties, ribbons and buttons, However I always keep in mind about the chocking hazard. I used felt and hand stitched these on.

I used the safety eyes, and nose, just for the extra safety.

The pattern I found on Pinterst, Amigurumi pattern by lilleliis. I didn't do the full pattern as I only wanted to do a plan one and excluded some of the steps .