Saturday, 5 December 2015

Year of 2015


Where do I start, At the beginning of the year we were getting ready for the birth of our first grandchild which she was due Easter weekend, the plan was that I would take a week off after she was born just to help. The week before she arrived I ended up with emergency surgery for my Appendix . The day I got out of hospital my daughter went into labour and Addison Rose arrived Friday 03/4/2015 and what a beautiful little girl and a very proud grandma i am.  It was a very trying day standing all day and I must admit was not good for me. However I am tough and I managed.

Following that at the end of April my son decided that he would try and chop off two of his fingers on his right hand, so that was drop everything and rush to Hospital. It was a good outcome , he was flown to another hospital to get emergency surgery and they re attached both of them back on. However this will be a long recovery for him and will need alot of treatment to get full movement . So his career has been put on hold. I think a butcher actually needs his fingers to grip the knife. 

Then in May I had a Big party to organised for my Husband 50th Birthday. In that month My Dad was diagnose with Bowel Cancer and he would need surgery to remove the tumor in June  . Well I managed to get the Party sorted and what a great night that was . Lots of long term friends arrived that we hadn't seen for so long and it was a trip down memory land . 

June came and the day before the big day for my dad , he got himself stressed and he had a stroke. So they had to delay the surgery for a few days until he was stable. He had the surgery and was in hospital for 9 weeks. He has now got to have chemo for 6 months. He has just had his 73rd birthday and is doing well.

There was so many other things that needed making and doing before the year is up,  I had orders to make and cakes to make, then one more horrible thing happened . My cat got hit by a car and we had to make that decision which completely upset me but had to be done.

So as you can see I have been busy with family and i have also been busy making things. I have had excitements , Sadness , stress, happiness all in one year  .

Here a a few things I have made in 2015. 

My 2015.