Saturday, 9 November 2013

Full of colour crochet hangers

Well Christmas is only just around the corner and I have a few orders to get sorted before then.
 I started with this order of crochet hangers and I am using up some of my odd wool and I had them in a box next to my seat.
Yesterday I was out and about with my youngest daughter and while waiting for her to finish her dance practice there was a lady selling her odd bits and pieces outside a shop, and look what I found , I had the exact change on me, so It was meant to be and I knew what I would use it for. 

I have three orders to get done and started with a order of six. and each one needs to be different just to make them look colourful and bright.

I  will try and get a few made for the xmas markets that we have coming up at the end of December . But I have a feeling I am ruining out of time. 

I took some of these into work and received some more orders. When I posted this on the Obancottage Facebook page we  received another order. 

We have got a price for them and based on the matrial and cost of time which is very hard to do. We have come up with a resalable price. 

$5 each or $20 for 5. 
Email me if you wish to place a order .