Sunday, 13 October 2013

Granny squares big and small.

Just a Plain three mixed colours of small and large granny sqaure.

I made four of these and joined as I went for a block of four with the lighter purple. Then I made the next block with the two purple first then added the white then back to the two purple until this measured the same as the first block

The edging was hard once I finished this blanket. I wasn't sure how I wanted the edging. So I came up with this . Its just a plan sc around three times. Then sc in the first sc space then skip two ch then seven double crochet into the next sc then skip two ch. Repeat all the way around

See the result at the end. I joined the blocks as I went and tided up the back  as I went. I hate it when at the end of all this work the last thing is to tidy up the back which then make you think . Wow I still have alot of work to complete it. I don't make that mistake any more. 

This blanket took Three balls of the light purple, three balls of the dark purple and 4 and 1/2 of the white .
All the balls of wool I buy is mainly 100g at 100% arcylic and I use a 4m hook , when I got the the boarder I went up to 5.5m hook which created the bigger Scallops

To buy this in a shop you are looking at least $100 nz plus . But When I charge I charge for the balls of wool I use and then add a little . $60 
Now one thing I find very hard when I charge people when they ask could I make, You can't put money on time so I do this cause I love to make things , bake things and just make people happy.