Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bags and Key Rings

Spring is here,
In the air,
You can smell it coming,
On the trees,
Leaves are green,
Caterpillars sunning.
Birds are back,
Grass is out,
Busy bees are humming,
On the trees,
Leaves are green,
Caterpillars sunning.

These beautiful Tulip's are the ones I gave my mother for Mother's Day back in May .
 She planted a few in the pot that I gave her and now looks whats showing off.
Many more have bloomed . So happy they gave her a great display.

Well Spring is here and the blossom are out. Our little town is in full bloom with Cherry tress looking fantastic, with their branches full of little delicate pink flowers and the trees are all in full bloom down the street.
So our little town are putting on a Blossom Festival to celebrate the springs . My friend and I have  been invite to set up a stall, so for the last two week I had to put my other projects aside to take up some smaller and quicker little things to sell at our Stall. So here are  a few things that  I've put  together. So I thought Id share what I have made.

Its all about colour and I just love this time of year.
Pink , Purples, Greens and  Blues, yellow to orange and rich reds too , from dark to bright to the delicate shades from Sky to ground what colors can I choose..

Pretty in Pink 
All in Blue 
Now I love Purple

This is the tree outside of my work and every year we watch it bloom . Sad thing is this will be the last spring we  get to see this tree blossom as we move office in October. Great time watching this tree change every year.

Keys rings to hang. 

Full of Love 

These are just a few things I have made over the two weeks. There will be more that my friend has made and once she comes around I will add to this.

This is a view of down the street from my office just to show you how my little town looks like in spring time. Spring 2013 

Orange Blossom



These little Owl were a bit of a challenge for me . I found a pattern but do you think I could follow it. I tried several  times. In the end I just went with the picture. Wow I was impressed with myself if i don't say so my self. 

This is the end result of our hard work over the last two weeks. We are pretty happy with these Items. Ranging from big bags to small clutch bags with assorted range of key rings. 

This is our temporary Label. Hand made by Christine. 

Assorted bags. These are just great for doing a quick shop or just putting your beach towel and drink  and hopping to the beach for the afternoon.

While we where sitting, waiting patiently for our customer to come and see us, this green man turn up entertaining the village . He was on his stilts just having fun with the public. 

OUR little set up . It was just a small one just to see how we went. Well after been there from 10am to 2pm we sold a few items and was pretty please with that by the end of the day. :)

It was not suppose to rain but just minutes after setting up, the heavens opened. But we were fine. We had the public come to have shelter under our stall which was one good way to get the punters in. Throughout the day the wind was blowing , the sun came out  and then it would rain again. But this did not stop the public coming to Greerton to come and enjoy. We had bands playing we had face painting and at the local school we had a huge big blow up slide . There were stalls selling food and little stalls like our to sell there goodies.

Well that's the end of this blog for Spring 2013.