Saturday, 5 July 2014

Corner to Corner Blanket

Hello my Friends! Well it been a busy week or so for me. As some of you know I work full time and pretty much only get the evening and weekends to do my hooking. It was a good end to the start of my two week off from work with finishing this lovely delightful soft and snuggle blanket. I have put this on Facebook to sell to any of my Facebook followers. 

It seems I have gone a bit bonkers on color lately and just love the brightness that this brings into the house and my very mundane life. Its wet and damp around here at the moment with that horrible season that I dislike so much (Winter). I am like a beer that hibernate's and stores it's food, but with me its all the wool on sale throughout the year. This is my chance to get a lot of my hooking done. 

The colours in this is from Attic 24 (Lucy Pack) which I order from England . I was so impressed by the texture and softness of the 100 % acrylic I don't think I will buy any other yarn now that I have had a taste of this. I will have to order more .

I have seen so many of these blankets lately on Pinterest that I had to make one. It was a struggle at first, with the very first three rows, I think I pulled it apart several times until I finally got it. That is one thing I am not good at, is reading patterns, I am completely useless at that. Well anyway,see I mastered it. 

You can find free patterns anywhere now on internet or if you are lucky like me you have a good friend that loves what you do and can show you how. My friend does this for me most of the time when it comes to trying something new. But this time I can say I mastered this without her, but it nice to know she is there and I love her to bits. 

Watch out for the next blanket which again I saw on pinterest that I have started.