Thursday, 17 July 2014

White chocolate 21st cake

Well I couldn't believe I made this . I have to keep looking at this photo to remind me that yes girl you did this be proud and own it. 

I have to admit It took me all day to complete this with a few swear word and very sore feet. 

The cake itself is a devil chocolate cake  with a Raspberry and white chocolate ganache filling 
The outside icing is just a white chocolate ganache . I melted white chocolate and place this on baking sheets and spread this out . Just before it was hard I measured and cut each slice the same for the sides of the cake. I then filled in each top of the cake with red and brown M&M's  .

To stick the slices of white chocolate The leftover ganache I spread on each slice. I used fancy ribbons and lace butterflies to decorate . 

I have never taken classes for cake decorating but I must have learnt something from my mother. I don't think i could do this as a job . But if any of my friends or family ask I might be persuaded with a lot of greasing.