Friday, 4 July 2014

Yarn Bombing world.

Yarn bombing is hitting our town in all the colours . Last year my good friend got involve with the local village manager and some amazing ladies. They decided to make our town bright and colourful in the winter months.
 It was noticed that people were doing it Europe and brought it to our town .So this group from all ages meet up once a month ,then weekly as the winter was getting closer. It was a big hit last year 2013 ,so the group started it again.  This year my friend had the task of doing a couch and lamp shade. With just a little help from me of course. 


Where this sits, outside the local Lotto shop on the main road , The messages that we are getting from this delightful lamp and couch is amazing. My friend should be very proud of this . We should have made heaps of the lamp as we could have sold it 50 times over. HeHe

Well done to all the great knitters and don't forget the crochetors of Greerton Tauranga.