Sunday, 21 April 2013

My inspiration

FAMILY  Don't you just love them.

For these guys it's all about good food. These guy's were my inspiration to cook and bake and always get me to try new things. They were my worst critics.  Now one of my daughters has left home to start her own life  and it is nice to hear what she has been making . She was taught how to make my famous pumpkin soup before she left. She now has fans that love her soup thanks to her mum.

My mum taught me alot too and thanks to her I can now teach my kids about good food.
My mum would tell you though that I was a fussy eater and it was hard to feed me  . Which was true . But in the end I come out liking pretty much anything with one exception,no animal organs!
I will blog shortly with my famous pumpkin soup and my husbands all time favorite rack of lamb and many more of my favorite recipes.

Does this happen to you.......You've been invited to a dinner party and it's a BYO and you come along with a dish that you have made. People at the dinner start to say who made this, what's in this dish , do you have the recipe , was it easy , how did you make it. It 20 question and I start to feel a little big headed so much that by the time I get home from dinner I can't fit through the door, Ha Ha  just joking . No by the time the night is over I have written this down for a few of the quest or family,that is  if the dish was not complicated.

Now I can say it's on my blog here the site.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and by all means add a comment or ask a question . I hope I can help and of course inspire you all to start cooking / baking.

I try to pick easy recipes, as less to clean up and, it time that I  don't have, cause I have so many other things I like to do. Watch this space I will have another page on crafts and gift Ideas. Future plans.