Friday, 26 April 2013

Good Old Fashion Veggie Soup.

This was the soup that was taught to me when I was at school. It is coming up to that time of the year when it is now getting cold and time to have good old fashioned soup that can be made in a large pot, this can be a meal in it's self or just a quick snack and great to take to work for lunch. This is a soup you can add as many veggies or as little as you wish and can have meat or no meat. This is a basic soup you can make in many different ways. I simply do this with just bacon. I have made this with left over roast chicken meat  by adding the cooked chicken at the last minute.
This soup was the only way I could get 2 of my kids to eat their veggies. When the soup was made I would blend it into a creamy soup and add a little bit of  milk to make it creamy . If it was served  with the  lumps of veggies they would have turned their noses up at it.

Basic base to any good veggie soup

50 - 100 grams of Butter  ( depends on how large your saucepan or soup pot)
2 medium diced onions
3 large diced carrots
4 sticks chopped  celery
1 sliced leek
5 Strips of streaky bacon diced(optional)

Melt butter in pan and add above ingredients and mix well and cook on high for around 2  - 3 minutes  then add these following ingredients.

4 large diced potatoes
4 Med  diced Kumara  ( sweet potatoes)
1/4 diced Pumpkin
Hand full of chopped parsley
Salt and paper to taste.

Cook for further 3 Minutes then add water and stock.

Now this is where it up to you how much liquid you put in. I use 12 cups of water to 10 Tsp of chicken stock, bring to the boil then simmer until the potatoes are cooked. Taste this before serving as you might want to add some more salt or pepper. 
I sometimes add in veggie stock so that changes the recipe to 2 tsp's of veggie stock and 8 tsp of chicken stock.